Hell breaks loose

Immutable Imps is the first hellish NFT collection that will launch on Immutable X, consisting of 666 Imps.

there will be only 666 imps from hell

The backbone of our project is art and community, our long term vision and goal is to bring the crypto art scene to Immutable X.

the art

Immutable Imps is the first generative Imp project in the crypto space. We plan to bring a lot of hellish art and fun to this scene, we hope to see you join our IMPire. After minting, we will be bringing more art and more fun to this scene with each new step of our Roadmap!

Multiple face atributtes


different body types

the four horsemen of apocalypse


Co-founder, head of design


Co-founder, head of strategy & growth

Danil pan

Co founder, illustrations & head of community


Operations, social media & community manager

help imps to break loose from hell

Immutable imps
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